NK - Are you interested?

sdrake steldr at home.net
Fri Nov 10 10:29:13 PST 2000

I would be interested........

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> Greetings,
>    I, recently, spoke to HL Livia about a "cook's guild" in Northkeep.
> She
> has given me tons of info and the encouragement to begin "again".  So,
> before
> I proceed, I would like to know if there is any interest in this subject
> and
> if any would be willing to participate?  I have spoken to a few of you and
> I
> do remember (senility hasn't gotten me yet but the fever may)!  Please let
> me
> know your wishes for having yet another thing to attend and we will go
> from
> there!
>                                        Sincerely,
>                                           Lady Elisabeth de Calais

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