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Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Mon Nov 13 09:49:03 PST 2000

Three Kings was once again a hit, even with the weather threatening many
people still showed up for the event. We had over 400+ attend Three kings
this year. We had almost 200 fighters on the field and at one point we had
43 archers. Although the day was cold and overcast the fighting was
wonderful! The English forces outnumbered by the French lost the Hundred
years War. Gee, I guess history repeats itself. We had 5 siege engines and a
great deal of fun. For those of you who did not attend, you missed a good

I am sorry to say next year I will not be involved in the planning or the
recruiting for next years Three Kings. Six years is enough and I have this
other Kingdom Office thing that needs my full attention. Taking a year to
plan an event is hard, but the reward is great. I would like to thank a
number of people for there help and give them wordfame.

To Lady Rolanda and Sir Alexis for Coordinating the horses for the
procession. THANK YOU! I have scrolls for the both of you from Edward III.

To Lord Caelin  Andrede and Lord Daniel Stewart, THANK YOU for stepping up
and cooking omelets on Saturday morning .

To Lady Beatrice, Thank you for all the work you did on the scrolls I have
passed out and I am still going to pass out.

To Lord Dayib for being my personal herald for the day and Lord Timothy for
being my morning herald at the procession. I thank you both.

Thank you to all the Historical players that took the theme and had fun with

Thank you to The shire of Rosenfeld for allowing me to do this one more

Thank you to all the fighters, artisans and those that performed service at
this event.

Thank you to Emerius and Brianna, for the truly wonderful role-playing. I
will never forget it.

A special thank you to Lady Mary Elisabeth Wickham, who made my Edward III
Tunic for Three Kings.

A very special thank you to Lord Armand Dragonetti, for working with me to
build the Three Kings website.  This website, I hope has shown that you can
still advertise your event and help those to learn a little more about the
history of the middle ages. Armand I could not have done this with out you.

A very special thank you to Sir Asoph, who despite poor organization on my
part managed to cook chili for all those that hung around after court. Thank
you Asoph I owe you!

To all those people that braved the weather and car trouble, I thank you !

Last and certainly not least. To my lady Wife, Lady Muriela de Clare. Who
put up with me for the last year as I got things ready for this event, who
helped with the research and spent endless hours sewing for me. (who also
got a sable crane this past weekend). I could not have done this event
without your love and support.

I hope that Ansteorra in the future will have more Theme melees. If Three
kings is any indication of the fun and learning we can provide and
participate in, we should have allot more of these types of events.

I remain, a little bit soggy and tired

Richard Fairbourne
Edward III  at Battle of Three Kings

P.S. If we do the Hundred years war again, France will be mine!
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