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Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner the_burg at busprod.com
Tue Nov 14 15:51:17 PST 2000

One Caveat to Franks...
They claim they know what will work for us but...When I did a bundle
order (40 sticks) for NK with them a few years ago.  5 of the 40 sticks
were less than 1.25" for their _entire_ length making them illegal for
SCA weaponry.  They wanted me to pay the UPS fees to send them back and
they'd send me 5 new ones at _my_cost.  3 others had sections which were
undersize but useable as grips, etc.  If you order from them, specifiy a
slightly larger than 1.25" diameter.  Say...Inch and a half.  
Things may have changed but buyer beware.

Unless UPS has changed it's rules.  They will cut it into two pieces so
they can ship it UPS.  Think carefully about the length's you want and
they'll accommodate you.  This way one stick will be cut to your desired
length and the other stick will be as long as possible, without any

If you want more than 1 stick, or more than a 6' length and are willing
to do the work... A bundle order will be shipped by truck at full
length.  Also, they typically have a significant price break at 40
sticks.  Say...$15 per stick for less than 40.  $9.95 for greater than
40.  IIRC, after freight, it cost me $11.49 per stick for which I asked
everyone to commit to $11.50.  I needed commitments for a minimum of 30
sticks + my 4 before I submitted the order.  Northkeep bought the 6
sticks remaining for prizes.  

An alternate source is Artistic Reed and Willow of Chicago.  


KTMC wrote:
> Big Daddy,
>    I recommend Frank's Cane and Rush Supply. They know what SCA is, and
> are aquainted with the SCA. Their website is www.franksupply.com
>    And a happy Tuesday to everyone on the list!
>    Valstarr

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