NK - wed. fighter

Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Wed Nov 29 09:51:45 PST 2000

thank you your excellency.

oh by the way, as a special note.  I have repeatedly reminded My swollen
headed son, that a bit more humility should be shown to our excellencies and
that old age jokes, do get a old after awhile.  His response was that he
would work on new material.

some one plleeaasseee knock that smirk off his face.  8-D


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> << Please excuse, but what time does Baulsac need to report for his
> beatings
>  at mc clure park?
>  maidenhair >>
> Hee Hee Hee!!!  
> 7:00 ish.....
> Sigen
> rubbingherhandsinanticipation

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