NK - Falchions

Timothy Adams toadams at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 3 14:20:04 PDT 2000

>the reality is your giving up any possible speed of blows to your 
> >opponent(s).  Remember, these "models" of various weapons we use are 
> >physically just a variant of a ball bat.
I was kinda thinking, that it would be tougher, to keep the edge control.

>Stick with the standard sword in the beginning, till your skill level comes 
>up, and then go play with the falchions, maces, axes, etc.
I intend to, but I like the weapon, and I would like to handle one before I 
considered making one myself.   Between a handguard and the rattan, swords 
are not cheap to make.

Alton how do you decied what you like in a stick?  weight, length, ??

I have a hand guard now, I need some rattan.

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