NK - rattan the basics

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner the_burg at busprod.com
Wed Oct 4 12:51:23 PDT 2000

> can you dry rattan??  to lighten it  or is this a how it is
> grown issue?    I can flatten the sides of a wider piece to
> lighten it if need be.  (have access to a very good sander)
The problme with shaving the rattan is that it will break down faster.
If you plan on fighting a fair amount it means replacing the sword
sooner.  If not, then it's less of a worry.

> you play glaive so you want a light stick to keep it fast, this makes sense
> to me.   
Light so it's easier to carry.  Not so light that it flexes too much. 
Alton likes to move people with his glaive.  If the rattan bends you
cannot do that.

>What about sticks for swords?  same thing, narrow and light means
> fast correct?

>   or do you need some weight to get the
> hit to count?
Also yes but you can make up for it with proper delivery & technique.

> that is will help alot, I just need some guidance, as to what kind of stick
> gives you what kind of weapon.
For swords you want to be close to the min. size but good density.  If
the rattan is fairly light you can put a leather piece around the tip to
give you more end weight. 


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