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Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 5 07:23:45 PDT 2000

Although I have not ordered any armor from Chivalry
Sports (whose web site is www.renstore.com), I have
ordered 2 items from them (2 different orders) and
have been quite impressed.  
--- KTMC <ktmc at icok.net> wrote:
> Timothy (and anybody else looking for online basic
> fighting supplies,)
>    I buy my rattan through Franks Cane and Rush
> Supply in California. I
> have ordered a couple of small shipments (30-45 or
> so feet.) I had a
> problem with one of them, called, spoke to Frank
> personally, and I must
> say the problem was resolved in an exemplary fashion
> that REALLY
> impressed me. I intend to keep ordering from them.
> They have an online
> site I will try to dig up, if anyone is interested.
>    I have been looking at Chivalry Sports paper
> catalog. They have both
> shield baskets and basket hilts for $20 apiece, if I
> recall correctly. I
> think their website is www.renstore.com...well, I
> tried it, but got a
> heavy traffic-please try again later response. I
> haven't done any
> personal business with Chiv Sports, so can't speak
> from personal
> experience.
>    There is a huge set of links and stuff and even a
> items posting board
> area for armor at www.armourarchive.com  There are a
> number of
> Ansteorrans members on there (hello, Jean Paul!,)
> but most of the
> armourers are from other areas. Be careful who you
> order from online,
> would be my advice. 
>    Valstarr

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