NK - Populace meeting Fer shur!

LdyCalais@aol.com LdyCalais at aol.com
Tue Oct 24 21:01:33 PDT 2000

   I am so sorry that it takes me so long to respond!  On the subject of 
homemade goodies, just let me say....VIVAT!  I think it would be great to 
kinda show the kiddies what sorts of thing used to be given at Halloween!  
But you know...ANY kind of treats will be appreciated, of this I am 
convinced!  LOL!   
    Would all of you please remind your children that while we are inside 
and/or doing crafts that paying attention and being quiet is a MUST!?   
    Much Thanks for your help and cooperation :-)
                                              In Service,
                                               Lady Elisabeth de Calais

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