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Just FYI, Baulsac, my helm is a sugarloaf, although it's swept back a little 
more than the classic shape.  Maybe someday you'll be at fighter practice 
and can get a better look at it.


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>Frederick Addington wrote:
> >
> > arent spangleheims those hemets that have a point at
> > the top of them no way those are like not kool.
>Spangenhelms are typically norse, saxon, or Norman.  They can be pointed
>or rounded across the top.  Thorgrim's is a rounded spangen.  Angus
>wears a classic spangen, and I wear a Norman "Bullet".  And, sorry, but
>they are _very_ cool.  That little bit of slope is great for turning
>what would be marginal shots into completely glancing blows.
> > my
> > helm is going to look like wiggens or viggens or
> > whatever. not pointy like edmunds.
>Viggens helm is a bascinet or barbutte.   Depending on pattern, it could
>be extremely early period (Greek) or fairly late period
>(Italian/French).   If you are going to get a Barbutte.  The best way to
>pad it for your head is to put webbing straps across the inside of the
>helm.  Alot like army helmets.  Just ask Gest.  He's got one of the
>finest I've ever seen. heh heh heh.  Or heard for that matter.
>	Damon

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