NK - Former Cabbie Claims Earldom

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Tue Oct 3 17:07:46 PDT 2000

Tuesday October 3 8:47 AM ET
Former Cabbie Claims Earldom

LONDON (Reuters) - A Hungarian former taxi driver
living in Budapest has emerged as the heir to a
Scottish earldom, according to the genealogist who
unearthed his claim.

Huba Andras Campbell, 55 -- who grew up in poverty in
rural communist Hungary and is now a trucker and car
importer -- is next in line to the earldom of
Breadalbane and Holland, genealogist Robert Noble told
the Daily Telegraph Tuesday.

The Hungarian's noble lineage stems from his great
grandfather's marriage to a descendant of the Marquess
of Huntly in 1873 while he was building bridges across
the Danube, the genealogist said.

``The family knew of the Scottish connection, but had
no idea that they were now the most senior line,'' he

But even if it is successful, Campbell's claim, being
prepared by a Scottish peerage lawyer, will yield only
the title of the earldom, which dates back to 1681.

The Campbell clan were once one of the biggest
landowners in Scotland, but their wealth and lands
declined over the years and the last of the
clan's estate was sold off in the 1980s. 

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