ANST-Announce - Border Revels 17-19 Nov. (Namron/Vatavia)

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Fri Oct 13 10:54:05 PDT 2000

Greetings, One and All.

Now that Protectorate XXIV is seems too quiet up here....

So the Baronies of Namron and Vatavia are hosting a little shindig....


The event will be at Camp Cimmaron on November 17-19.  (The teaser is in Notes &
Challenges of the October Black Star; the full announcement will be in the
November Black Star.)

What can you expect?
By day
    Heavy weapons   -   Melees a la Calontir (so leave the unpadded glaives at
    Light weapons   -   In grand Ansteorran style
    Equestrian activities   Showcasing the skill and grace of these gentles and
their fine steads
    Open A&S    -   Competition will be done by populace vote (bead in the cup)
    Archery     -   Hosted by Vatavia (and run by an archer of some repute in
    Thrown weapons  -   A beloved Namron pasttime

With nightfall
    Drumming    -   I'm told the Hafla will re-appear
    Dancing     -   Courtly (main hall) - Middle eastern (where the drummers are
    Singing.        -   In the the campfires...

FEES:   Adults          $7
    Children (6 through 12) $5
    Children (5 and under)  Guests of the Baronies (i.e., FREE)
    Family Maximum      $25

House Wolfstar will be hosting a Tavern for your dining pleasure.

Cabin Reservations and Namron Event Steward
    Ld. Tadhg macAedain uiChonchobhair
    m.k.a. Chuck Graves
    tadhg at
    (405)447-6323 (before 10 p.m.)

Equestrian Steward
    m.k.a. Katie Mosely
    kawhispers at

See you there,
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