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Mon Oct 16 20:04:26 PDT 2000

We are on for Saturday for the home school group!
I need a show of hands - how many of you can make it? Let me know!

TIME: 11:00 AM ( so our fighters can be on their way, in the afternoon) I am 
told they
          have two acres and plenty of room to fight.

PLACE: address is 9645 South 193rd East Ave., in Broken Arrow

DIRECTIONS: The house is on the Southeast Corner of 96th and County Line 
                      is 193rd East Ave). 
                       From the Broken Arrow Expressway, take the 71st St. 
Exit; turn left; 
                       go to 193rd East Avenue; turn right; go 2 1/2 miles to 
96th; turn left 
                       and their driveway is the first one you see.
                       PLEASE NOTE: 96th street jogs a bit. You will come to 
                       heading west, a few feet before 96th is heading east. 
Their street is 
                       a dead end.

If you get lost, her phone # is 451-9761, and her name is Denise.  
WHO: They are a homeschool group, studying the Middle Ages, with a variety of 
           ages, up to age 12. Should be about 30-50 kids in attendance, 
along with 
           their families.

If you have questions, call me at 250-7877

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