NK - I need your help...

Picard Ren rendagimppie at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 22 20:38:08 PDT 2000

Hello Heavies, Rapiers, and fighting youth of

I need your assistance please.  I am in the process of
creating a wall quilt that will represent Northkeep's
fighting community.  What I need from you wonderful
people is who you are (SCA name), if you have a coat
of arms or device, and wheither you are Heavy, Rapier,
or fighting youth.

I will give you more information at a later time
concerning this matter.

Please send e-mail on this matter either through the
Northkeep list or to me directly at
rendagimppie at yahoo.com.

Thank you so much for your time and cooperation, but
especially for your participation.

Kateryne la Escolperia, formally

commonly known as Ren d'Gimp

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