NK - Something for Lady Elanore of Elfsea

Picard Ren rendagimppie at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 04:41:12 PDT 2000

Hello Northkeepers,

If any of you are interested, Lady Elanore of Elfsea's
daughter was hit by a car last Friday afternoon.  She
is doing really well and mother and dad are still
standing strong.  Since Rhianna will be down and
encouraged not to move around alot, I thought it would
be fun to send her a box of fun stuff to do.  

If you want to send something by way of me, I will
have to have it in my hands no later than Thrusday
night by 21:00 (9:00pm).  You can drop it off anytime
after 17:00 (5:00pm) at the Michael's on 41st and

Once again I repeat I MUST HAVE IT IN MY HANDS NO
LATER THAN 21:00(9:00P) ***THIS*** THURSDAY.

However...IF you are going to Samhain, you can drop it
off at my encampment.  Just look for Yosh's coat of
arms (blue with gold crosses and oak leaf).  You can
find Yosh, me, Wyrmie, David, or a herald to page me.

If you have any questions, e-mail me.

Ren d'Gimp

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