NK - Battle of Three Kings November 10-12

Dale, Richard N DaleRN at aetna.com
Mon Oct 30 10:12:25 PST 2000

Greetings unto the mighty and artistically talented populace of The Barony
of NorthKeep.

This years Scenarios at Battle of Three Kings are based around the Hundred
Years War.

I am representing King Edward III, and would like to encourage you to fight
for the English and against the French. However, I am not sending this email
to recruit you to my army. I am sending this email to invite you and your
family to come and have allot of fun.

IF you would like specific information about the event go to our website at:


Just an overview of  what will be going on

Chivalric Fighting

Combat archery in all but one scenario
Siege weapons in Four Scenarios.(Castle Sieges)


Recreation of some of the most famous battles that happened during the
middle ages (Agincourt, Crecy, Poitiers)
Volley fire for the first time in large scale melee's ( we already have 83
archers signed up)


A&S War point, with extra points for those entries that focus on the Hundred
Years war.


Service war point, for those who cannot fight and who are not displaying,
come help out during the event, your service could make the difference
between the English winning the day or The French winning the day.

More Fun!

Siege Engine contest! The winner gets an already built Ballista!

Free Pennsic Chili Saturday Night!
Wow More Fun!

Period Encampment.  Don't groan!  I thought we would try something new (new
to me)and camp in concentric circles. The period pavilions would be in the
inner most circle and those that are not period would have their tents
behind the period pavilions. Imagine walking into area where you see nothing
but period pavilions, illuminated by flickering torches and lanterns. And
guess what you only had to walk twenty feet. If  you would like to
participate in the period encampment please email me and give me a
description and rough size of your tent. I hope for this to be the largest
period encampment Ansteorra has ever seen.

Still more Fun.

Equestrian Activities!

On Sunday a bear pit defender tourney for the shire of Rosenfeld!

Boy, am I tired from typing all this stuff.

Oh, I guess I forgot one more thing and that is personna play if you want to
do personna play.

Oh yeah we will have visiting fighters from Calontir and Meridies!

So come to the Canton trade days site and have allot of fun and make some
new friends!

P.S. I really would like you to fight for the English!

Always remember the S.C.A is about fun and learning and this event has
plenty of both.

Thank you for listening to my words and allowing me to post to your list.

Master Richard Fairbourne
(Edward III)

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