NK - Falchions

KTMC ktmc at icok.net
Tue Oct 3 13:44:24 PDT 2000

   There was some discussion last year on the the ansteorra-armored or
sca-armored list about falchion construction. I think I may have posted
a question about it. I think (have to have plausible deniability, don't
I,) :) that the new rules mean is two pieces of rattan with padding in
between them. That would mean, technically, that it wasn't rattan on
rattan. By using two pieces, though, you get that thicker look of the
   I am somewhat wiped out at work (got in to work at 1 a.m. this
morning) so I may make even less sense than usual. I don't think I have
those posts on another machine. There had been (this was before the new
rules came out,) concern about using 3" rattan. I think someone said it
looked like a 2x4 with a basket hilt on it, and someone's squire had
gotten a forearm cracked or broken with one, if I recall correctly. I
also believe Sir Kief was one of those expressing some concern about
there construction.
   I may not have been any help at all.


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