NK - NR Fighter Practice...

Chris Backus cbackus at peakonline.com
Fri Oct 20 17:27:05 PDT 2000

My modern last name or SCA last name?  It makes a difference and I
don't want to contribute to drinklessness.

aka Backus

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> so as to prevent winding up with 20 bags of chips and nothing to
drink, how
> about:
> last name begins with a-i   chips
>                       j-r   drinks
>                       s-z   paperplates etc
> If you just want to bring money then $3 would probably be nice and
> send someone to the store to buy stuff with it.
> Also, should we go ahead and send it to the Ansteorra Announce so
> people who aren't on NR will get it?
> thanks,
> JP
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