NK - plea for tech help

Rick Drake ainarm at home.net
Sat Oct 21 07:22:26 PDT 2000

You are correct.  The .chk files are remnents of scandisk actually.  You can
delete them with impunity.  As for the ff_ files I would restart the
computer and see if the date changes.  If it does then go ahead and move
them to the recycle bin and leave them there for a while to see if computer
is affected.  That way you can recover them if needed.  If after a day or
two nothing seems broken go ahead and get rid of them also.  Also check your
temp folder usually c:\windows\temp  Anything in that folder can usually be
deleted without problem.
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> OK, I'm having all sorts of trouble with this computer, due to the hard
> filling up.  One of the things I'm wondering about is that there are a
> number of files on my C: root directory I don't know the meaning of.  If
> they're just some sort of automatic backup or other drivel I can eliminate
> without causing problems, I'd like to know that.  The two largest groups
> named after the patterns ffastun.ff_ (where _ is another letter) and
> File____.chk (where ____ is a 4-character, mostly all digits, sequence
> number).  I run Win95 if that makes a difference.  The .ff_ files are all
> dated today (now, which means they've been updated today and are probably
> important), the .chk files seem to come in groups with the same date
> apart, which makes me wonder if they're artifacts of some system utility
> the disk defragmenter.  I'd appreciate any information anyone has.
> Kevin

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