NK - A get well thing for Rhianna of Elfsea

Picard Ren rendagimppie at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 10:54:38 PDT 2000

I would be very honored to take any donations for this
silent auction down from Northkeep.  So if any of you
from Northkeep need me to take something down to
Samhain, please call me at 270-1351 and leave a
message on the answering machine or leave me e-mail at
rendagimppie at yahoo.com.  We will then make
arrangements for you to get the "stuff" over to my
place so I can get it packed and ready to go.

Thank you m'lord.

--- sdrake <steldr at home.net> wrote:
> In addition, because of the financial strain this is
> putting on the family,
> friends of the family are holding a silent auction
> at Samhain and I'm sure
> would be more than happy to have more donations.  I
> assume that Ren would be
> willing to get any such donations to Puck (not
> One-Shoe)or Wyrmie or Bella
> at Samhain so they could be included in the auction
> there?  Ainar and I will
> be making a hospital visit on Saturday (we were
> going to Steppes anyway) and
> would also be glad to take anything down - we are
> leaving Friday
> evening........
> Mercedes
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> Subject: NK - A get well thing for Rhianna of Elfsea
> Hello Northkeepers,
> If this is a duplicate of another message I sent,
> ignore this one and chalk it up to me not having a
> mouse.
> I am going to be sending a box of "stuff" to keep
> Elanore and Mathious (from Elfsea)'s daughter
> Rhianna
> busy while she is down healing from an accident. 
> Last
> Friday she was hit with a car and put into ICU.  She
> is doing well and is off oxygen.  I just talked to
> someone down there and she is doing very well.
> Anyway, I will be sending this box of goodies by way
> of some other Elfsea-rs (Wyrmie and David).  If you
> would like to put something in the box to help her
> fight boredome off, please e-mail me.  You can also
> drop it off at the Michael's store at 41st & Yale
> between the hours of 17:00 (5pm) to 20:30 (8:30pm).
> I repeat, you can the stuff you want to give at the
> Michael's at ***41st & Yale*** between the hours of
> 17:00 (5:00pm) and 20:30 (8:30pm) Tonight (Wednesday
> October 25th) and tomorrow (Thursday October 26th).
> These are the only two days I will be taking things
> up
> to put in the box in Tulsa.
> If you are going to Samhain, I will be taking stuff
> up
> through Sunday morning.  I will have a box somewhere
> in my encampment and you can put it in there or you
> can give it to me (Ren d'Gimp), Yosh, Wyrmie, David,
> or anyone else within the encampment.  If you need
> to
> find me, grab a herald and they will hunt me down.
> The stuff you can put in are things like games,
> stuffed animals, books, coloring books, ect... just
> no
> electronic stuff or noise makers.  You are also more
> than welcome to put cards or letters in.  Comfort
> food
> would be nice, ummmm, lots of stuff.  Whatever you
> would like to put in that you think would let her
> know
> you are thinking about her and wishing her good
> health.
> Her name is Rhianna and she is 13 years old.
> If you need to call me, e-mail me and I will give
> you
> that number privately.  My e-mail is
> rendagimppie at yahoo.com
> Thank you Northkeepers for your care and concern.
> Kateryne la Escolpiera
> (commonly called Ren d'Gimp)
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