NK - Populace meeting suger suger suger

LdyCalais at aol.com LdyCalais at aol.com
Fri Oct 27 06:37:46 PDT 2000

     You guys are WONDERFUL!!!!  I would like a head count if possible 
though.  If your children are participating or if you will have children with 
you please add their name(s) to the list.  Also if you know of anyone not 
connected to the net, please let me know or contact them to let me know.  We 
sure don't want any disappointed kiddies!  You know they ARE our future. LOL! 
 Under the children(s) names please add your name and what you are bringing.  
Sorry for the time consumption but....
                                                      In Service,
                                                           Lady Elisabeth de 
 1.  Olivia de Calais
      Elisabeth de Calais-Rice crispy treats
 2.  Anthony of Northkeep

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