NK - Rundel's Margrave/Vormund

House Of Walker wf3 at icok.net
Tue Oct 31 22:41:44 PST 2000

Susan O'Neal wrote:

> Is there a schedule of any sort posted anywhere or is what in October's
> Black Star all there is?  I have several friends who are interested in the
> event, but were asking questions I couldn't answer.

Perhaps I can be of some service. I don't have precise times in front of
me, but pretty much we get everything in this tourney since we currently
have just one event a year.
Bardic, archery (bag shoot), knife, ax and spear, Margrave (heavy) and
Vormund (light) all on Saturday. Plague Frog on Sunday. Feast included
with site fee.
I realize that was pretty much all printed in the Black Star. So, what
other questions may we find answers for? If I can't answer them, I'll
find the answers for you. :)
Britta the Red

reminding all that the troll booth will be in the feast hall.

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