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Jerry Herring jherring at upperspace.com
Tue Apr 3 10:03:56 PDT 2001


The Lady doing the parking passes needs your Tag numbers and some more
information ASAP.
I will be Leaving town today (Tuesday) and will be gone on business till the
9th (Next Monday) I will not be at Medfaire.
I need for everyone who requested a permit to contact her today!
I will make arrangements to get the passes to you.

Her Name is: Lady Annais
Her email address is: dschuma at email.fleming.com
Her Phone number is:  405-579-7582.  The answering machine is a "fake" man's
voice asking to please leave message.

Have fun and enjoy the faire,

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From: Dana Schuman [mailto:dschuma at email.fleming.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 11:11 AM
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I have the passes reserved for the people on the list you sent.  I need to
know the tag numbers asap, but that is not going to prevent you from getting
them.  The reason I need it is if there is an emergency and we have to move
cars quickly.  I can reference the spreadsheet and let people know whose
cars need to be moved.  I will go ahead and send the passes today and you
should get them Thursday.

For the people who you added at the bottom ,  I should have more passes
soon, Wednesday evening.  I don't think that is enough time for you to get
them before Friday.  So I will have those for you to pick up when you come
down.  Are any of them going to come down Friday night?  Will they be
staying with someone?  Can I drop passes off with them so they can get in
the parking area with out a big commotion?  I just need to work logistics on
this, so no one is left walking a mile to get a parking pass on Saturday.

If you guys need anything else, please let me know.

Thank you!

Dana Schuman
Accounts Receivable-Rainbow Foods
Shared Services Center-Retail Accounting Group
Lake Park Tower
Phone:(405) 782-8884
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Email: dschuma at email.fleming.com

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