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Excuse this if my last post went through. I 
didn't see it and I was certain that I had posted 
that I was interested.

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Hey Anawyn!

Hmm. .I think that date would be okay but I 
believe that is the last weekend 
of Lillies & I know that some of the usual 
dancers are going to that. ..I'd 
be happy to  if there are people who could make 
it to the demo.  Anyone?


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<<We are again requested to show off our dance 
group, if this date will work 
for you. This is for the Broadmoor Assisted 
Living Center, so, very much like 
the one we did last year at Ambassador Courtyards.
They would like to have us on Saturday, June 
16th, at 2:00 PM. They would 
also love to have some demonstrations of crafts - 
Debroah and Selwyn were a 
big hit with their spinning and leatherworking 
talents, the last time.
Can I get some feedback - does this date and time 
work for a majority of 
Appreciate your response!

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