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Tue Apr 3 01:42:47 PDT 2001

Greetings Fighters of Ansteorra-

This missive is to announce the recent formation of a Southern Regional
Army.  The Southern Regional Army will include the Shire of Middleford,
Shire of Tempio, Bryn-Gwlad War Company, the Sable Company (Clan Cahla
(sp?) and Roadd (sp?)), Barony of Bjornsbourg, Incipient Shire of Tuan
(sp?), Barony of Ravensfort, and any other unit within the Southern
Region interested in joining us.  At our organizational meeting held at
Raid on Lindisfarne last weekend Duke Kein MacEwan was chosen as our
general.  We intend this diverse Southern Regional Army to be a
cornerstone of the Ansteorran army for next year's Gulf Wars.
Throughout this year we will be presenting ourselves on the melee field
at several kingdom events and invite all other Ansteorran units to come
and practice at the arts of war with us.  You will recognize the members

of the Southern Regional Army by our divided surcoats.  As with the
Bryn-Gwlad War Company's surcoat, the Southern Regional Army's surcoats
will bear three sable stars for Ansteorra on a gold field on the
sinister side in on the front and the device of the individual Barony,
Household, or Shire's device on the dexter side on the front (the back
is reversed).  The first two events the Southern Regional Army will be
holding practices at are Hero of the Temple where we plan to practice
drills after the competition for the Hero has been completed on
Saturday, and Steppes Warlord, where we will be on the field Sunday to
fight with and train against any units interested in improving their
melee skills.  We will  make additional announcements about events the
Southern Regional Army will be training at throughout the year.  May
this unit prove to be a stepping stone to help us to an overwhelming tie

at Gulf Wars XI.  On to Trimaris!

In service,

Lord Gideon MacLeod, Esq.
Southern Regional Warlord

P.S. My apologies for any cross-postings...

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