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Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at
Wed Apr 4 13:53:19 PDT 2001

Greetings All,
     I am Wilim Penbras, Bowman of Ansteorra.  I have in the last year tried to visit many sites and promote archery in the Kingdom.  Okay, okay,  I went to as many of the smaller events that had archery as I could so I could place better in their competitions.  DO you have any idea the competition at a major event? <G>
     Honestly there were suprising few events for me to go to.  I hope this isn't because there aren't enough trained marshals throughout the kingdom but I'm afraid it might be.  This is not a Good Thing.
     If your group has an interest in archery (even if it's just a few who're interested) please come to Academy of the Bow.  I will arrange marshalling classes and there will be class on running various competition formats. 
     Don't think that everyone who takes the class will walk out a marshal.  There is no 'test' at this event.  The test is getting out there and marshalling a range and setting up a range under the eye of a warranted Archery marshal.  If you do come to AoB and take the class I will do everything I can to come to as many events over the next months/year to be the Marshal on the range you run.  It may take one event or several in your area but we will do everything we can to make sure every archer out there has a marshal they can go to in there area for answers and Official Practices.
     If this seems like the kind of thing you would like to see let me know in Private and we'll make arrangements.

Wilim Penbras
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