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Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 20:48:35 PDT 2001

We would like to extend our greatest and deepest
apoligies. We scheduled something for the populace in
our group who were financially unable or mundanely
unable to attend Northern Regional Warlord on the 14th
to be able to do something for our little canton. This
thing would make a little money for the canton and
build a bit of public relations in our local area. If
we have upset someone we do apologize. We (Lisa and I)
wouldnt have made it anyway since our Dr doesnt want
us traveling till the baby is born, so I Volunteered
my time and my Stocks to a City goings on and had no
idea that it would upset anyone. Also does anyone know
who Northern Regional Hospitialer is? But if anyone is
mad or upset over My volunteering for this event cause
i couldnt go to Warlord I do apologize to you and ask
that you forgive this poor merchant. Since everyone
seemed to think this was my wifes (Lisa) idea i do
hereby tell you it wasnt. I was informed of the chance
to do this and since i wasnt going i took it. I didnt
volunteer anyones aid in this for i had intentions of
doing it myself. I apreciate your listening to me;

Sincerely Chass Brown AKA Charinthalis Del Sans

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