NK - Principality Survey (update)

Burke McCrory bmccrory at oktax.state.ok.us
Mon Apr 9 12:01:59 PDT 2001

This is just a quick update to explain what is going on with the poll at 
this time.

The Committee met yeasterday and the tabulation of the poll results should 
be available next weekend at Northern Regional Warlord.  Just before the 
deadline we had been told to expect a large packet of surveys from Barony 
of Northkeep that had been mailed around the 28th of March by your 
seneschal.  During the initial tabulation we discovered that only 17 
surveys had been received from the Barony of Northkeep and that the large 
packet we had been told to expect had never arrived.  After some discussion 
we decided that if the packet arrives we will include it in the survey as 
it was mailed before the deadline.  Otherwise, unfortunately, there is 
nothing that we can do without re running the poll over from the 
beginning.  I called their Excellencies and informed them of the problem 
and of our decision.  I advised them that we would make every effort to 
include the packet if and when it arrived.  I told them that we would make 
a note of the missing packet in our report on the survey results.  But 
unfortunately, that is all that we could do.  Their Excellencies do not 
know the outcome of the polling and it appears have decided to conduct a 
local polling in Northkeep (which has a paid membership of 96 excluding 
Rundle) so that their populace's opinion would be know by all.  I would 
support this as long as each person is willing to sign their poll.  This 
way it can be determined if there is any double polling from Northkeep as 
only 5 of the 17 surveys we received were un-signed.  While we regret that 
this has happened we do feel that the information in the poll is still very 
valuable and hope that it will be helpful to everyone in making decisions 
in the future.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

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