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Tim Rayburn tim.rayburn at
Wed Apr 11 12:23:40 PDT 2001

Unto the most august and wise populace of the most fearsome Kingdom in the
Known World, called Ansteorra, does their must humble servant, Lord Timothy
of Glastonbury send warmest greetings on behalf of the most noble
Excellencies Galen and Allessandra, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea.

I have been asked to extend to you an invitation to a marvelous tournament
and feast that Their Excellencies have assembled in the style of Her
Excellency's homeland of Italy.

There will be four armored tournaments to be held.  The first will be a
competition between the teams of Baron Galen and Baron Llywelyn with a chess
theme.  The second shall be sponsored by the Order of the Rose to select the
first armored Defender of the Rose.  The third shall be a torchlight tourney
in the evening sponsored by Lord Phellipe Descors in tribute to his marriage
that evening to Lady Maria de Vasquez.  And finally His Excellency will be
sponsoring a list for those fighters who have been fighting for less than
one year on Sunday morning.

Not to be outdone, Her Excellency has arranged an array of tournaments to
rival this for Rapier.  Countess Kayleigh and Countess Allyson are arranging
three tournaments, two of which have been learned from friends within the
Kingdom of Atlantia.  These tournaments for fun shall run concurrent to the
various Armored lists, save there will be no Rapier torchlight tourney for
safety reasons.  Her Excellency will also be sponsoring a list for those
Rapier fighters who have been fighting less than one year.

On Saturday Evening there will be a marvelous feast that has been organized
by our Head Cook, Lord Caelin an Andrede (rjt at to
tantilize the palette with delicacies from the lands of Italy.

Their Excellencies and I hope you will be able to join us for this marvelous


Elfsea Springfaire will be held on April 27-29 at a NEW site called
Tanglewood Forest, near Corsicana Texas.

Site Fee is 10 dollars, Children under 12 are 5 dollars with a family
maximum of 30 dollars.

Feast will cost 10 dollars per head.  Reservations can be made by emailing
Lord Caelin an Andrede (rjt at prior to Saturday April
14th.  After this point a waiting list will be started.

Directions to the NEW SITE can be found in the Black Star or by visiting the
website for the site at
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