ANST-Announce - Blackfox Auction for the Blackstar

Burke McCrory burkemc2 at
Mon Apr 16 23:19:06 PDT 2001

I would like to personally commend and thank their Excellencies Thorgrim 
and Sigen for the wonderful job they are doing by reviving the old Black 
Star auctions that Master William Blackfox use to run for so many 
years.  This is an example of the best that people in Ansteorra  can offer 
and sets a high standard for the rest of us.  I know that they have raised 
over $1200 to date and plan a number of additional auctions at events in 
the coming weeks.  Her Excellency has been in touch with a number of groups 
and so far almost all of them have been very happy to make room for a 
Blackfox auction to be held at their event.  I would like to make the 
following challenge to all of Ansteorra.  There will be a Blackfox auction 
at Steppes Warlord.  I would challenge all of Ansteorra's artisan's and 
craftsmen to donate a item for this auction.  Either a piece you already 
have or a promissory for something to be made to order in the future.  If 
you are not a craftsmen or artistically inclined then perhaps you have 
something that you could donate that you have purchased.  I know that with 
the generosity and skills of the people of Ansteorra that we can go a long 
way to putting the Black Star back on sound footing and making sure that it 
will never suffer due to a shortfall of funds.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald, op

ps:  whether your donate something or not be sure and bring you checkbook!!
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