ANST-Announce - Cleburne April 20-22 Demo at the Endurance Race

Lisa LeChatton llechatton at
Tue Apr 17 09:45:34 PDT 2001

Good Gentles,

If you are planning on joining the fun in Cleburne this weekend please send 
me an email. I especially need to know if you will need tablespace for your 
A&S display.
So far we will be having Chivalric, A&S, and Equestrian. I look forward to 
seeing you.


Meanwhile Back At the Ranch..., April 21
Contact Aimee de LongCoeur/m.k.a. Lisa LeChatton
"Lisa LeChatton" <llechatton at>

This demo will be held at a national equestrian endurance ride competition.
Although a few of the Ansteorran horses will be there, this is not just an
Equestrian demo. This is a public event where the site fee is $10 per
person, except for demo participants who will pay no site fee. The site is
primitive. The demo would start around 10am and end at dark-thirty, but the
site is open from Friday to Sunday. I think it will be a good opportunity
for increasing membership.

Most of the people at this event will be totally unfamiliar with the SCA, so
please sport your favorite garb and courtly manners. I would love to see
Archers, Artists, Fighters, Bards, MOC games, etc. I will have a little
hospitality pavilion set up as well as the equestrian games. Let me know if
you need anything. Our aim is to give the riders and their crew something
fun to do while waiting and chat them up for the SCA.

There is also an opportunity to do service as crew for the ride. Volunteers
are needed to test the equine's vitals at the vet checks, as trail spotters
to make sure everyone is on course, and to mark the riders times.

If you would like to participate please drop me an email
(llechatton at or call at 972-226-2665.
URL for Race:
Location: Central Region, Cleburne, 60 miles southeast of Fort Worth
Date: April 21, 2001 (Location is Open Friday 20 to Sunday 22)
Event: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch an endurance ride where the competition
is either 15, 25, or 50 mile horse race, held at Six-O Ranch.

Directions From DFW: From Hwy 35W take Hwy 67 South past Cleburne.  Past the
City of Cleburne, turn left on Park Road 21. The Park Road turns and runs
into the Park - do not go in the State Park.  Continue on what is now Hwy
1434. You haven't turned, the road has changed names. You will drive past
the State Park and a Lime Quarry. Aprox 1/2 mile past the Quarry, turn right
on Hwy 200.  The Ranch is on Hwy 200, aprox 3 miles from the turn.  They
have a white pipe entrance with an overhead that says "Six-O Ranch".  You
should be seeing signs from Hwy 67 that say "AERC".

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