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Tue Apr 17 18:55:16 PDT 2001

This is forwarded with permission.  Now I'll shut up.  Gilli
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> Greetings Lord Gilbert,
> Thanks for your feedback on the archery issue.  Feedback from the members
> is very important to the Board.  We try to listen to as many people as we
> can, but we are only seven people, and the more information we can get,
> better decisions we can make.
> Regarding the archery issue in specific, the Society Earl Marshal has not
> yet submitted a proposal concerning the issue, but we are expecting one
> before the Board meeting this coming weekend.  The Board is aware of the
> injuries at Gulf Wars and is very concerned about them.  We have not yet
> discussed the issue in depth, but I can say for myself that saftey is a
> major concern.  I believe that we will consider many options, including
> ABDs, blunt nocks, saftey glasses, screen and other solutions in trying
> to come to a balanced approach to the problem.
> I recognize your specific concern about our possibly marginalizing combat
> archery, and while I can't tell you exactly how all the other Directors
> feel about the issue, I believe that we all feel that combat archery is
> a valuable part of our combat system.  I can say for myself at least
> that I have found it to greatly add to our wars since I first experienced
> it on moving to the West Kingdom over ten years ago.  Your thoughts have
> been read by all the Directors and will be weighed along with the other
> information we have on the issue when we make our decisions.  Thanks again
> for sharing those thoughts with us!
> Matt Larsen
> Director, SCA Inc.
> Ombudsman for the Society Marshal

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