NK - Populace meeting and Principality Vote

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Thu Apr 19 12:09:00 PDT 2001

what about those of us in rundel? were our votes counted?

ly julienne

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Subject: NK - Populace meeting and Principality Vote
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 22:21:37 EDT

Greetings Northkeep,

For those of you who don't know, this month's populace meeting will be our
last one at Martin East Regional Library for the rest of this year.  I have
spoken with the director of our library, and even though we were cancelled,
she has agreed to let us hold our meeting there this month only.  The 
is being expanded and remodeled.  Lord Ian is in the process of looking for
another site for our meetings.

We would like to remind everyone that this month's meeting is especially
important, as we will be repolling the populace on the principality issue.
It is vital that we do this in order that we may present the results to 
Majesties for their consideration in this matter.  Please make sure that
everyone you know either comes to populace meeting, or arranges to get their
ballot to us.  Because this is an independant polling, we will ask that
everyone sign their ballots to ensure that everything is above board.  It
doesn't matter whether you vote yes or no, only that you vote.  We will be
collecting and counting the ballots at populace meeting.  The numbers will 
announced that night, and we will make copies to send to Their Majesties and
the members of the Principality committee.  Please tell your off-line 
to come or send their ballots.

We remain in service,
Thorgrim and Sigen

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