NK - Kissing for the Black Star

kateryne_la_esclopiera at juno.com kateryne_la_esclopiera at juno.com
Wed Apr 25 07:25:37 PDT 2001

I have been given an opportunity to help raise money for the Black Star. 
I will be running a kissing booth the Saturday of Beltane.  I am at this
time looking for volunteers to help me kiss the masses for a good cause. 
I am needing both men and women who are out going and love to be the
center of attention.

I am also in need of some men who are willing to play the part of a

This should be alot of fun for everyone involved.  If you are interested,
please e-mail me privately.  I will give you all the details.

Kateryn la Esclopiera

Il est bon d'etre la ganse.
(It's good to be the gimp.)
                         -Ryn the Gimp

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