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Rebecca Heydon rmheydon at swbell.net
Wed Apr 25 13:25:48 PDT 2001


This Saturday there will be another work day at Lady de Calais' burned home.  If you can help, bring work gloves, shovels, hedge trimmers, wear long pants, etc., etc.  Once the appliances are hauled off and the rest of the debris cleared, the Turley Fire Dept. can use the site as a controled burn exercise.  

If you have any questions, give Elisabeth a call (425-0811), or call me, Rowan, (836-2516).

When - Saturday, April 28

Where - 1525 E. 72nd Street N.

Time - Noon

Directions - Take Peoria north for quite a ways.  Watch for street signs and turn right on 72nd.  The house will be on your left about a block or so in.

Thanks in advance to any and all who may be able to help.  I realize there are events, meetings and other activities this weekend but any help would be appreciated.

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