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Those of you interested in descriptions of period jousts, battles, etc.
translated from period sources (mid 1300's to 1400)  should peruse HG
Finnvarr's site.  He's just updated it with a new work announced below.
Most of the segments can be read in 5-10 min. 

And to head off those who will have fun misreading the URL, that's the
University of Nipissing, Canada.

His primary site is:


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> From: Finnvarr de Taahe [mailto:finnvarr at EALDORMERE.SCA.ORG]
> For those who might be interested, I have finished a rough translation
> of the account of the St. Inglevert jousts (1390) from the 
> Chronicle of
> the Monk of St. Denis.   It's a lot different from the Froissart
> account.
> Part of the roughness of this translation is the fact that I haven't
> tried to turn the string of Latin names into English, since I can't
> decide how "French" those names should look in my translation.
> Finnvarr
> --
> "No tilting with sharp weapons, no jesting with keen scoffs - friends
> all"
>     -- Quentin Durward

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