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Meryn butrflykyssis at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 5 09:52:44 PDT 2001

AoB this year will be held in Corsicana Tx and will
include classes on all levels and forms of SCA
archery.  There will also be classes on Siege and I'm
trying to setup classes on Live Steel/Thrown Weapons. 
It'll be held the last weekend in June. 29,30,01
  Also he has created a new yahoogroup. Slan!

Greetings all,
     If I could ask you a favor it would be most
appreciated.  I have created a listfor things
concerning archery that I hope will be a bit more
dedicated to actual archery concerns than most lists. 
If you could 
find the time to subscribe to 
ndl-archery at yahoogroups.com by sending an e-mail to
NDL-ARCHERY-SUBSCRIBE at yahoogroups.com  It will allow
me to send a single e-mail for information that I
think everyone would be interested in.  Please also
feel free to let anyone who might be interested know
about it so they can get the information as well.  
   Who knows you might find out there's more archers
in Ansteorra than you can count.  It has the side
benifit of being monitored by several good marshals
from other regions so they can offer information as
   Please though, if you haven't the time or desire to
be on an e-mail list don't feel you have to.  I'll
still CC everyone I think would be interested in
Archery information.

In Service,

--- Derek Wilson <dwilson at dollar.com> wrote:
> Where is this being held an when? Might see if I can
> rearrange Mundane
> Schedule. 
> Diethelm
> Derek B. Wilson

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