NK - Cool Demo - April 22nd!

Langston, David R david.langston at wcg.com
Fri Apr 13 02:04:55 PDT 2001

Yea, finally a demo I can go to.  I know I've been falling down on
supporting the demos, but will be there with bells on (or whatever else you
would like me to wear).

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I have a request for a demo: 

DATE: Sunday, April 22nd 

TIME: 1-4:00 PM 

PLACE: Harwelden Hall 2210 S. Main (just off of Riverside) 

This a benefit for the Daycare Center of Tulsa, which is an organization
offers low cost daycare for working mothers with limited income. 
They are calling the event "The Magical Sorcerer's Ball." We are being asked

for fighters, and artisans, and there will be ample room outdoors for us. We

can set up a display table as well, or whatever we want. 
Also, if any of you who would be able to come, would like to bring your 
children, they would like to allow them to participate in the children's 
activities, free of charge. I will need to know, though, if you want to do 
that, so she can prepare the right number of "comp" tickets for them. 
SO - please let me know  if you can come,  if you are bringing children, and

how many! 
As always, thanks in advance! 

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