NK - Reward for an honorable act.

Brown Chass dwarvenhome at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 13:51:34 PDT 2001

I Charinthalis Del Sans Owner of Dwarvenhome Armory do
here by offer the reward of one Hauberk of Chain Maile
to the person who returns or gives information for the
return of Her Excelency Northkeep (Sigen)'s Armor. It
was stolen during Winter Kingdom I do believe. If you
have any information please contact her or me and Once
the armor is returned we will get the measurements
from you and begin makeing of the armor. This was a
dishonorable act done to a kind and gracious lady. I
dare any of you to offer a matching reward for the
handing over of this Cur and the return of her armor.

Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans

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