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Owen owen at
Fri Apr 27 22:24:24 PDT 2001

Has anyone seen Kermit??
Curtain call in 8 Days!!!   

Dr. Teeth, Animal is loose again. Please corral your
"It's time to start the music"
The Barony Of Namron Proudly Presents
Beltaine Games
May 4th, 5th, and 6th A.S. XXXVI, being 2001 in the
Common Reckoning
"It's time to light the lights"
Come have fun!!! We will be doing all the games that
You have done at past Beltaines.
And maybe some you have not.  
Rumor has it that there will be a Kissing booth
(another fine project to support the Black star).
(Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say NO MORE!!!, Say NO
MORE!!!)  KISSY KISSY!!!   Nows your chance to turn
that"handsome prince" into a frog.  It apparently has
worked for Piggy.

"It's time to put on make-up"

We will select the Titled Bard of Namron and the
Titled Artisan of Namron.

"It's time to dress up right"
Beltaine will be held at Camp Cimarron. See your
April Black Star.

Or contact the coordinating steward (autocrat) {me
;-)} for more details.
There are no more cabins available.   However, we
still have plenty of camping space.
"It's time to get things started"
Namron will be hosting a silent auction to support
the Black Star.
If you have anything to donate for the auction
please bring it.
Thank you all for the wonderful Items donated so
A few examples are:

A Master Blackfox "Vixen's Keep" original
An Original Achievement or Peerage Scroll from The
Abbey of Tithipote
A personalized set of dishes from Spang Hollow
“Why do we always come here?”
Come see dancing chickens, Sample Swedish culinary
delights, see dueling comic bears, and other strange
and weird happenings, if you consider all this to be
strange and weird.  But be there just the same.  This
is one event you can't afford to miss!!!!

“I guess we’ll never know.”
The Quayle Run Tavern will be serving food all day
for a nominal fee.

Warning: Namron Labs has misplaces a small yellow
rubber duckie.  If you happen to find one, please
return it to Honeydew.  Do not, repeat, DO NOT squeeze
the duckie we will never be able to find you or the
duckie again. 

Please do not talk to anyone who has conversations
with a "Mr. Bimble".  

Beware there is a wild Animal on the loose.  Walk away
carefully and quickly.  DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL!!!!
"It’s time to do things right.”
Thank you for your time.

Owen the Bear
This message is brought to you today by the letters
"YO" and "HO" and a bottle of rum.

Corporate funding for this project has been
underwritten by the Al-Assani Land and Shipping
Company, where we never give a sucker, er um we
mean, customer an even break.

And the Ansteorran Express card, never leave the
Barony without it.

And by viewers like you, scary isn't it?

Corporate funding for this project has been
underwritten by the Al-Assani Land and Shipping
Company, where we never give a sucker (customer) an even
And by viewers like you.

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