[Northkeep] Don't be a victim, drink water

Xenos Makellares Xenos at crazedcamel.com
Wed Aug 1 18:48:15 PDT 2001

from the news service today

Pro Bowl tackle Korey Stringer died Wednesday of heat stroke, a day after
collapsing at the Minnesota Vikings' training camp on the hottest day of the
year. Stringer, 27, vomited at least three times during Tuesday morning's
practice but didn't summon a trainer until the session had ended. The
335-pound lineman developed symptoms of heat stroke, including weakness and
rapid breathing, following the practice session, and arrived at the hospital
unconscious with a temperature of over 108 degrees

The death came six days after Florida freshman Eraste Autin died after
collapsing of heatstroke. Figures from the University of North Carolina show
that 18 high school or college players have died of heat-related causes
since 1995.
 So as a subtle reminder, drink water and thank your local waterbearer.
Make it so you DON'T have to be seen by your friendly neighborhood

In service,
 Xenos Makellares, MC

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