[Northkeep] FW: Bela of Eastmarch / Poul Anderson's passing

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Re: generations of knighthood

>He was one of the Known World's oldest knights, and epitomized
>honor, courtesy, and chivalry.

>He was one of the original half-dozen knighted on Twelfth Night, AS II.

Making him a second generation knight??

Someone posted that he missed the First Event due to other commentments but
did drop his daughter off at the First Event and later regreted that he
missed it.

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Sir Bela of Eastmarch, more commonly known to many as Poul Anderson, passed
away last night.  The Society has lost another one of its influential early


>"We brought Poul home from Alta Bates for terminal hospice care.
> >We gave him Jubilaeum Akvavit, Carlsberg Beer and Boeuf Tartare.
> >We gave him all our love.  About midght, he slipped away."
> >
> >signed Karen, Astrid and the rest of the Andersons.
> >
> >Please pass this around verbatim and in toto.
> >
> >Everyone is encouraged to repost without alteration.

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