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> Does Northkeep draw enough new people?  How to make its presence more
> accessible?  What one change might be made, if any?
> A dynamic membership is always important to any organization; it maintains
> freshness and growth.  It is also important that, through new input, the
> established members are not discounted; after all, they are the ones who
> formed the primary identity of the force drawing the new members.  A good
> balance is most desirable, yet hard to maintain in this day and age.
> the current populace want to expand, possible directions to take would be
> occasionally working with other organizations that are maybe modern and
> mundane, but nonetheless medieval complements.  Perhaps the fencing club,
> martial arts academy, sewing competitions at the state fair, Shakespeare
> the Park, Philbrook's art shows, and staying abreast of whatever is
> at writer's conferences, poetry readings, even the national level of the
>  Tulsa has Mayfest, the Arts & Humanities fundraisers, and the Celtic
> series - lots of possibilities for promoting the SCA, if the group focus
> moves more deeply into education and entertainment as means to communicate
> with others.
> Other than that, I haven't been here long enough to know what changes
> Northkeep might need, if any.
> In Service,
> Francesca

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