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Thu Aug 9 05:15:20 PDT 2001

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King Arthur Faire

Wishes to invite the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the known world of the S.C.A.,
to a Demo and Revel:
Dates: Oct.5,
9am till 2pm
Oct. 6&7 and 13&14
Time:9am till 6pm
Location:3 miles North of Stroud Okla. on 99 Hiway
Turn East 2 miles and then
Turn North 1 mile
Follow the Signs
K.A.F. will have live Jousting and Sword combat
Live plays
Live Roleplaying with the populace invited to play along
Assorted Merchants and Crafts
A Tavern  will be on hand to feed and service the populace
Middleguard hosts Demo and Revel
Time:9am till 4pm
Revel: will be after the Faire closes
A Pot luck dinner will be served by MiddleGuard
(meat and bread provided)
Please bring a side dish to feed six people
The K.A.F. site fee is $3with a S.C.A. or Fighter's card
$6 without cards
Overnight canping is available for $3 per person

Contact Hatur Earn at Hatur2000 at brightok.net
Dave Timmons at Timmons at brightok.net
Lrd.Wilhelm de Kaalvo at Farming20 at webtv.net
Note if you wish to Merchant or want to join the faire please contact Dave Timmons

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