[Northkeep] Investure Planing Meeting

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Fri Aug 10 19:58:37 PDT 2001

>      To all interested parties, the first planing meeting is being held
> at Catrins&Antons
> on Sunday, 8-12-01 at 2 in the afternoon. As luck would have it the
> water main in
> front of the house is broke and the street is a mess. so here the
> current best approach to the house.
>       The address is 207 S. Harvard, Tulsa. Come in from the north off
> of 244  and go south on Harvard.Take the street just north of the 200
> block and go east for parking. Park along the south edge of the road on
> the first block east. DO NOT
> try and get to our drive as they are pouring concrete. If you come north
> up Harvard
> be prepared to dodge a maze of traffic barrels. Any questions call
> 836-3696.
> Anton

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