[Northkeep] Calling all sewers/crafters!!!

Peachy Keen Barbara Jean peachykeen at moose-mail.com
Fri Aug 24 12:19:21 PDT 2001

  If you work on large sewing projects, woodworking projects, etc
Have I THE DEAL for you! I was at Hobby Lobby today on 31st and
garnet and outside they have this GREAT table... the kind of tables
they use inside for cutting fabric/potting and so forth. I was very
interested in it myself but alas I have not the room for it. It's 12
foot long and the best part is they want only $75.00 for it!!! Yes!
It's an incredible deal! Thing is it's so big (doesn't come apart)
you need a very large van or rider truck to move it. I have it on
hold for tonight and I told them I would give them an answer tonight.
Since I can't do it maybe one of you great gentles could! Let me know
I'll meet you out there.

Nadine des Jardins

(psst - it's on hold under Barbara)

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