[Northkeep] Kit school update

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Aug 29 11:10:26 PDT 2001

Just wanted to let you all know the latest in Kit's novel school
experience.  She wore her long black cloak to school yesterday and I
imagine she is planning on more garb soon.  This is seen as a wonderful
display of creativity and origionality as opposed to a problem.  She is
taking bagpipe chanter classes one day after school, I can't wait till they
have their own drum and pipe corp going.  She ran for student council and
made it and is excieted about that.  Everyone in the school knows her and
she knows everyone by site, not a great name person.  She loves her classes
and is doing all sorts of creative and cool things that were beyond what we
had found resources for locally, so this is really cool.  She is finding
that her educational background has prepared her beautifully and she is
bringing in lots of ideas to do more things keeping the school very
connected to the community.  She is surrounding herself with friends who
are very much individuals, as opposed to ones who need to be led or want
others following them; they are ones who just are and that is accepted and
encouraged there.

Since many had asked, I just wanted to let you know how it was going.  The
kids choose the Phenoix as their school mascot and I am so thrilled about
what this rising forth of creativity will bring forth.


who is wishing this would have been an opportunity I would have had growing up

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