[Northkeep] Saturday Fighter Practice

Alton lePeto altonscompany at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 12:19:06 PDT 2001

Attention fighters!

This weekend I will be busy gettin my bootie kicked at Gothic War, so no
scheduled Saturday fighter practice.  So I hope to see all your grinning
mugs at next Wedensday fighter practice, 730pm sharp!  Use this Saturday to
contemplate your fighting and work on yer armour!
Remember - next Saturday, 8th of Sept, Dionadder Tournament at Woodward
Park!  You dont want to miss it!  Bring friends cause it will be a big
demo,lotsa people in garb, lotsa fighing, etc, etc, etc.  Bring some garb to
change into after the fighting so all the tourist can take your picture.
Try and be at the park no later than 10AM, If your going to help set up, be
there 9ish.

your friendly knight marshal,
Altonscompany at hotmail.com

"I've really got to learn to just do the damage and get out of town,
it's the stay and gloat that gets me every time."
     -- Ethan Rayne, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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