[Northkeep] What to Look for in Your Candidates

Trish Kvamme oneblondemuse at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 7 12:56:13 PDT 2001

HI everyone!

Looks like all of this is going great with alot of enthusiasm, for which
Duncan and I are extremely happy.

I wanted to give you the Perspective of a Crown, and also a former Landed
Noble (Himself) on what to look for in your candidates, hope this gives you
some ideas ;)

1.  First and Foremost.  Your B&B are your direct interface to the Crown.
They hold the Lands in Fief for the King and Queen which means they answer
directly to Us (and those who come after Us), and as well as representing
the wishes of the Crown to the People, they represent the wishes of the
People to the Crown.  If they screw up, it is the Crown they will have to
answer to, so they need to be ever cautious of how they represent their

2.  They must have the respect of the Populace, as well as the Crown, the
other Landed Nobility, and although this is generally earned over time, they
must have the ability to deal with the Nobility of the Kingdom on behalf of
the Barony.  They must travel to other Baronies throughout the Kingdom, not
just the Region once they are your Landed's, to represent you to the rest of
the Kingdom.  Their travel to other areas brings more people to yours.

3.  This is an extreme financial burden.  Your B&B will spend an additional
5-10 thousand dollars a year for their hobby.  I am deadly serious about
this, being Crown is even more expensive.  Your B&B must be able to travel,
offer hospitality, give largess to their populace, pay for a huge phone bill
upon occasion, as well as maintain their normal expenses, a roof over their
heads etc.....

4.  Your B&B must have excellent communication skills.  They must speak in
court, sometimes on behalf of the Crown, they need to be able if asked to
serve as good will emissaries to Foreign Kingdoms, and they must have a
quick wit to be able to repartee with the other Landed B&B's in a public
situation like feasts or courts.

5.  They must have an excellent working knowledge of the Barony, and be able
if necessary to assist with any officer who is learning or having troubles
in their office.  They must be able to create an excellent working
relationship with their officers, and promote unity and a sense of
fellowship in the group.

Political Issues are irrelevant.  I urge you to remove them from your
consideration.  Your Baron and Baroness are there as the Guardians of your
group and it's dreams, and there to again hold the Lands in trust for the
Crown of Ansteorra.

Also, they must have their own working transportation, phone, (a computer is
a pretty darned good idea) and sufficient income to support the office.
This is just common sense...

I hope this helps some.

I am VERY PROUD of Northkeep and all that you are doing together!


btw- my daughter's 7th birthday is investiture weekend, mind if I bring a
birthday cake?

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