[Northkeep] quiz the candidates

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Tue Aug 7 13:50:43 PDT 2001

At 03:43 PM 8/7/01 -0500, Ainar wrote:
>>Well actually the question is, is do we want to publish the answers and such
>>in the Saga?  The original idea was to just publish a letter of introduction
>>as such in the Saga.  However, I can make as much room as needed if we want
>>to publish the questions and the responses.  To do this I would need to make
>>absolutly sure that I had the responses to the questions by Tues. after
>>officer meeting at the latest.  That would require a lot more layout work.

What, you don't WANT more content?  :)

If anyone wants the answers Lynn is compiling posted to the Web-page let me know.


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