[Northkeep] A special demo

Angus Mac angusmacn at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 14:12:12 PDT 2001

2 corrections Laird Ian:
1:  the tourney is open to all fighters, but only
local fighters can win. we usually try to fill the
list trees with non eligable fighters as the by's

2:   this is the first I have heard of non sca folk
being invited to the revel... please do not go around
openly inviting all the bystanders to my house...ALL
SCA FOLK WELCOME but unknown's who just pass thru the
park and get invited could really get us in trouble...

Also I am TRYING to put together a list tree board to
use at this and future tourneys.
So any fighters who wish to fight in the dionader
please get me a 3x5 card with your device on it...
if you have no device then
do some thing that will make it yours

if you fight in all yellow and red then make the card
yellow and red

something like that

I will be needing them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
I am not hard to find. just go where NK has fighting

Angus TARd
--- Jerry and Teresa Herring <herring at rectec.net>
> Greetings,
> I want to let our friends from all over the Northern
> region know that they
> are more than welcome to join us on September the
> 8th in the celebration of
> our Djionader/Ensign tourney/demo (this is not an
> official event but a
> demo). It will be held in Woodward Park at 21st and
> Peoria in Tulsa starting
> in the Morning. It is a blast as we watch the Local
> fighters compete for our
> Inner-baronial championships and demo for the
> locals. (only local populace
> fighter are allowed in the tourney portion...then
> the field is opened to all
> comers!)
> Last year we had the tourney, A&S displays, Bardic,
> and lots of interaction
> with the locals. We even netted some media coverage
> from the Local news.
> This is the only Public demo that we do for
> ourselves and we would love to
> have friends visit during the day.
> The night after the demo we will be holding a revel
> which is open to the
> those who have expressed an interest in the SCA
> during the day. This will be
> the first time some of the new people we meet get to
> see the SCA...so show
> up to have some fun and make it a memorable night
> for some new people.
> See you there?
> Kindest regards,
> Laird Ian Dun Gillan
> Seneschal Northkeep
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